Famous participants:

  • The President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev  joined Project Antarctica – Message to the People of Tomorrow!
    Rosen Plevneliev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria: “I believe this is the way the modern history of the world is written – through the use of high tech means and passed from us to the ones that are our future.”
  • Ludmila Fiilipova sent a Message at the End of the World
    Writer Ludmila Fiilipova sent her message to the People of Tomorrow, emphasizing on the importance of being human and the dangers lurking behind the disclosure of the secrets of biology, genetics, physics and chemistry, used for personal, egotistic purposes. And still, if the worst is to happen, she suggests a secret gateway to the ones who believe in humanity.
  • Martin Pantaleev sent a Message at the End of the World
    For famous violinist and conductor Martin Pantaleev, art is a necessity through which we could diffract the limits of time and get closer to the divine.
  • Nikola Dubois sent a Message at the End of the World
    Writer Nikola Dubois shares with the People of Tomorrow that experience is the only inexhaustible fountain of knowledge which they should rely upon.
  • Vesko Eschkenazy sent a Message at the End of the World
    In his message to the People of Tomorrow, world-famous violinist Vesko Panteleev-Eschkenazy writes about the secret of art – the necessary magic emerging between an artist and his audience that gives our being a meaning, changing our world.
  • James B. Warlick sent a Message at the End of the World
    In his message the US Ambassador in Bulgaria (2010-2012) James Warlick calls upon the future generations to rediscover what we increasingly tend to forget in the era of technological revolution we live in – our humanity and the importance of family values.
  • Borislav Zumbulev sent a Message at the End of the World
    In his message the chief editor of “24 chasa” daily Borislav Zumbulev underlines the role of the fair journalism for the future development of society and shares his recipe for a happy life.
  • Rumen Mladenov sent a Message at the End of the World
    Rumen Mladenov, lawyer and historian: “… Often we ignore the fact that our, your planet tire out and strain. Because we make use of her carelessly, taking more and giving less than necessary...”
  • Velin Hadjolov sent a Message at the End of the World
    Velin Hadjolov, Founder of Bulkempo: “… True Honour is a gift from God. It lives in the heart and never dies because it flies away with the soul… Live in Honour!”
  • Milen Ivanov sent a Message at the End of the World
    Milen Ivanov, еntrepreneur: “… Care, Learn and Create! And please, give me a call as I will be 90ty years old and probably lonely.”
  • Donika Rizova sent a Message at the End of the World
    Donika Rizova, journalist: “It is important for me to believe that the ones reading these lines have overcome overconsumption as a lifestyle, egoism as salvation, and faith as a battle flag.”
  • Ekaterina Kostova sent a Message at the End of the World
    Ekaterina Kostova , writer and journalist: “I’m sending my message under the large snowy pillow of Antarctica. A mother of the Future will surely find it!”
  • Radoslav Gizgindzhiev sent a Message at the End of the World
    What can make people immortal? What can erase mankind? Which is the strongest prayer? In a message to the People of Tomorrow director and writer Radoslav Gizgindzhiev shares the answers to these questions and advises future generations to remain true to themselves.
  • Teodora Duhovnikova sent a Message at the End of the World
    Actress Teodora Duhovnikova shares with the People of Tomorrow how she won her most important battles and reminds that there is a courageous general in their hearts, too.
  • Bogdan Tomov sent a Message at the End of the World
    Artist Bogdan Tomov believes that all of the People of Tomorrow will live in harmony and invites them to watch the first Bulgarian rock musical, created in the distant 1983.
  • Bilyana Petrinska sent a Message at the End of the World
    Bilyana Petrinska, actress: I am curious to know what kind of person will open my message after 50 years. I believe that the good energy we are sending forward in time has the power to create better people, capable of loving more. Love overcomes egoism. It is a lesson in dedication and creation. And that’s the only way for the world to thrive.
  • Kostadin Filipov sent a Message at the End of the World
    Journalist and talk show host Kostadin Fillipov’s message contains advice that could help the People of Tomorrow change their world and surprise their future.
  • Iva Doichinova sent a Message at the End of the World
    Radio show host Iva Doichinova had a conversation in present tense with the People of Tomorrow, sharing her ideas about the relativity of time and raising questions which, she hopes, will soon be answered by the People of Today.
  • Professor Christo Pimpirev sent a Message at the End of the World
    In his message the chairman of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute prof. d-r. Christo Pimpirev shares his attitude towards the icy contintent and how this place will develop and conserve the virtues of hummanity.
  • Author Ellis Shuman sent a Message at the End of the World
    Israeli author, book reviewer and travel writer Ellis Shuman shared few pieces of advice which will help the People of Tomorrow in finding and keeping the good around them.
  • Nelly Hadzhiyska sent a Message at the End of the World
    In her message to the People of Tomorrow popular TV host Nelly Hadzhiyska, reveals the secrets and infinite power of the heart.
  • Georgi Toshev sent a Message at the End of the World
    Renowned journalist Georgi Toshev sent a message about mind, heart and soul which may help the People of Tomorrow to stay tolerant and wise.
  • Actress Nona Yotova sent a Message at the End of the World
    In her message to the People of Tomorrow, successful and talented actress Nona Yotova reveals the life-giving miracle of love!
  • Veneta Raykova sent a Message at the End of the World
    Famous TV talk-show host Veneta Raykova participated with a message to the People of Tomorrow, revealing the secret of people’s relationships.
  • Nikolay Vassilev sent a Message at the End of the World
    Nikolay Vassilev, Economist and politician: “I join this initiative out of respect for Ludmila Filipova, who is an amazing person and writer. Antarctica is the only continent I have not set foot on yet, but I hope to take my children there one day.”
  • Dr. Solomon Passy sent a Message at the End of the World
    Doctor Solomon Passy, founder and president of the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria, discovered the meaning of life for the people of the future and sent it to the time capsule.
  • Actress Dessy Tenekedjieva sent a Message at the End of the World
    Dessy Tenekedjieva, actress, producer: “To face the future. To converse with your virtual avatar is more than compelling. It’s fanciful, sensory and it feels somewhat flamboyant. I adore surprises. I trust they are attracted to me too.”
  • Maxim Eshkenazy sent a Message at the End of the World
    The message of the world-famous conductor Maxim Eshkenazy for the people of tomorrow reveals the secrets of the new world order.
  • Singer Teddy Katzarova sent a Message at the End of the World
    Teddy Katzarova, singer: “I’m sending a song, as music and poetry are love, and, combined, they make up the magic, called ‘art’, without which we, the people, could not live!”
  • Actor Filip Grigorov sent a Message at the End of the World
    Filip Grigorov, one of Bulgaria’s most successful actors in Europe: “I join the initiative because I feel responsible and believe that we, the quality people with preserved moral values, should manifest bravery and overcome the evil that surrounds us more and more each day!”
  • Author Tuna Kiremitçi sent a Message at the End of the World
    Tuna Kiremitçi, Turkey’s popular writer, journalist, singer-songwriter: “I participated this project because I'm a father. This means the future of the planet is directly connected to my future. I would like to be in touch with my grand sons. Thank you capsule for helping me!”
  • Journalist Dragomir Simeonov sent a Message at the End of the World
    Dragomir Simeonov, journalist: “I join the project with great excitement. I love writing letters, but this will be the first one I know I will get no answer to. Its reader is not yet born. Thus, this is a letter to the future and corresponding with it is always worth it.”
  • Actor Stephan Shterev sent a Message at the End of the World
    Stephan Shterev came up with a recipe for happiness and hid it for fifty years. By doing so, the actor joined the longest message, which will remain sealed in a time capsule in Antarctica for the people of tomorrow.
  • Author Kalin Terziiski sent a Message at the End of the World
    Kalin Terziiski, writer: “When Scott and Amundsen competed towards the North Pole, the world stood and kept silent, wonderstruck and shocked. Every day is a day for heroism. Every place is Antarctica…”

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Project: Antarctica

Based on everything I saw and experienced in Antarctica, I have decided to initiate a special international project. Its main goal is to help people face the challenges of the present and safeguard the future. I hope this will encourage many to learn about the world we live in and preserve it for the future. Perhaps this project will remind the generations of tomorrow what the essence of our existence is. I also hope for this to become another Bulgarian achievement. All of this will only be possible if every single one of you joins the cause! 

I suggest putting a time capsule in Antarctica, under the dome of the Bulgarian sanctuary (the first church on the icy continent), to be sealed for the next fifty years with a message from today’s generation to the people of the future. This will be a letter from everyone willing to participate with ideas, advice, wisdom and knowledge on how to preserve our world – our home. This message might just save the people of the future. Your words of wisdom, shared ideas, discoveries, or pieces of advice may be rediscovered tomorrow to inspire others to bring to life the miracles we all need, in order to survive.

I sincerely hope that everyone who wishes his words could travel through time, and maybe even change our future for good, participates. Adults, children, scientists, philosophers, writers, journalists, physicians, politicians, citizens of our country, and citizens of the world. People from all countries can participate. Everyone with a message which could guide the future generations is welcome.


Why store the time capsule message in Antarctica?

Today, the icy continent symbolizes the end of the world, while tomorrow, it might symbolize its beginning. Imagine it as a time capsule, where the last bits of pristine nature, untouched resources and potable water, as well as the image and gene pool of Earth, are preserved, until we, the people, conquer, alternate and pollute it.


Why us?

Why not? No one else has done this before. Ideas are born, and someone has to be first. Depending on how many choose to participate, this project can grow into a Bulgarian record, or even an international phenomenon with its origin in Bulgaria. We have the opportunity to make a significant difference.


What will the benefit of the time capsule be?

For one, each of us will get to think about the values of our society and the importance of preserving our world, as well as the significant contribution every individual could make toward this goal. At the same time, our ideas can stir and inspire future citizens of the world to continue our work. We will encourage our children and their children to consider the wellbeing of planet Earth – our home.


How will we do this?

For this project particularly, in collaboration with Egmont Publishing Bulgaria, we have developed a website, dedicated to the cause – poslanie-antarctica.com, where anyone could submit his message to the people of tomorrow. You could find details and news regarding the initiative there as well.


Who can join?

Anyone, regardless of their age, nationality, religion, gender or profession – whether from Bulgaria, or from anywhere else in the world – is welcome to participate. Though this is a Bulgarian initiative, I sincerely hope that it will grow into an international movement. 


What is the recommended format for the messages?

Your message may be a scientific discovery, a simple recipe, a philosophical theory, a poem, a piece of personal advice, or anything else in the form of text. Each and every one of them could turn out to be the key to our world’s survival or inspire the people of the tomorrow for greater, more significant ideas. The road of knowledge is created by passing it on from the present generation to the future ones.


When is the deadline?

We would like to collect all of your messages by November 29, 2015. That way, they could be compiled into one letter and be delivered to Antarctica in time to be placed in the time capsule.


This was all I had to say. Now, it is your turn to write and send your messages to the future in the Antarctic time capsule – at the end of the world and the beginning of tomorrow.

Ludmila Filipova

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